I'm already hearing this from some of my friends and family when we're talking about the Integra so I'll post this here as a reminder for everyone. While the Integra will be released in 2022 it will NOT be a 2022 model, it will be a 2023 model.

Blame Franklin D. Roosevelt. Originally, automobile model years tracked calendar years. However, that practice changed in the mid-1930s, after FDR signed an executive order that dictated automakers release their new vehicles in the fall of the preceding calendar year “as a means of facilitating regularization of employment in the [automotive] industry.” Auto assembly-line workers are typically idled during a new-model changeover, and the president reasoned that if their idle period were to happen earlier in the fall, autoworkers would be able to maintain employment through the holiday season and would thus be able to spend more.

Some 80 years later, the tradition of releasing new vehicles in the final months of the preceding calendar year remains common. This custom, however, is by no means set in stone. Under Environmental Protection Agency rules, manufacturers can introduce a next-model-year vehicle for public sale as early as January 2 of the preceding calendar year—for example, a 2018-model-year vehicle can be sold starting on January 2, 2017. Conversely, manufacturers can introduce and release a new vehicle for sale as late as December 31 of the corresponding calendar year, so a 2018-model-year vehicle could be introduced up to and including December 31, 2018. Due to this wide latitude, manufacturers often bring out vehicles well before—and after—the traditional pre-holiday period.