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2022 Honda Civic Si is being Sold in Arizona for $126,000

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I just saw this on the Civic forum and holy **** dealer markup is getting out of hand. A Honda dealership in Arizona is trying to sell a new Civic Si for $126,533.98! that's a markup of 3 times the msrp!

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Makes the other fees and showcase “value” package seem quaint… 🤪
The handful of them in the DFW market I've seen have had an ADM of up to $9k.
That AZ listing is just to grab your attention I suspect.
That insane markup makes me think two things. One, the dealer does not really want to sell it. Two, the dealer is using that insane markup to contrast with other models that have “only a $10,000 mark up“ so it looks relatively cheap. It’s seller to buyer psychological warfare. I fucking hate that dealer.
Just got a text from DCH Honda in Oxnard CA

2002 Civic Si Manual w/Summer

$28,515 + tax, title, license, >>dealer accessories<<, AND $5,000 market adjustment price
This is probably their tester. So that they have on on hand to talk people into orders. Still I wouldn't be too pleased to see the other "fees' this dealer has on a paper in front of me.
Maybe the dealer is expecting customers like this:

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Guys, there is a term called "money laundry".
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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