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2023 A-Spec Tech review from G1 and TSX owner

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I sold my A3 to get a 2023 Integra. A-spec, tech. White with red. So far, so good.

My first car was a 1987 red two-door manual Integra. I currently own a 2004 TSX (a GREAT car.)

The interior of this car is fantastic. Incredibly comfortable and relatively quiet. I agree the tires are a bit loud, but they are all season and will be helpful in our occasional North Carolina snow. The fit and finish are superb. The tech integration and the stereo are as good or better than Tesla. I have under 1,000 miles on the odometer. My average, mostly city driving, gets 30mpg. I recently took a 160-mile trip and saw 36. Not bad.

I believe the mix of user experience delivered by technology, practicality, and performance is unmatched in the entry-luxury segment. And if you add in price, it is a home run.

BTW, I got the CVT. I have another car with a manual. This car is for commuting, and it does that job very well. The drone is weird, but it comes with better fuel economy, and there are many settings you can adjust to change the drone. I haven't optimized that yet, but I'm sure it will be great. I drove the six-speed- it is fantastic. Get that if you want more fun but less economy.

When the G1 Integra launched, it was nearly as quick as the Porsche 944, which cost twice as much. Today the base Cayman 60's is in the low 4's, and it still costs twice as much as this car. Things change. This is not a sports car.

So, get the Honda if you think the Integra is a lousy deal compared to the excellent Civic. Or wait for the Type S. Or the Type R. But wow, I have no regrets. I recommend this car for what it is.
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I sold my A3 to get a 2023 Integra. A-spec, tech. White with red. So far, so good.
Welcome to the forum from another NC driver. Out of curiosity, how does the Integra compare to the A3 for you?
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