Share what your experience with the 2023 Acura Integra is like in this thread.

To start, I thought this review of an A-Spec Tech MT covered a lot of good points:

"I just test drove the A Spec Tech Manual today and figured I might as well give a review focusing on the things you can’t tell from the spec sheet. I don’t think I’m nearly as versed in things as many of the enthusiasts in this group, so take my opinion with a hefty dose of salt. I currently drive a 2007 Accord SE Manual for comparison context.

Clutch: Weight and forgiveness similar to what I expect out of Honda / Acura manuals though the friction point was a little high. Perhaps there will be some settling as it only had 44 miles on it.
Shifter: As many have noted, it’s fairly short throw for a non-short throw shifter. Tighter pattern than I’m used to but nice in the hand.

Power: The Integra felt peppier in comparison to my Accord. Maybe I’m underestimating the difference between the 166 I have and the 200 of the Integra but it felt like a bigger difference than I was expecting. Other Manuals I’ve driven over the years were my Dad’s mid-life crises Z3 (Actually learned stick on that, poor me) and a friends WRX STI back in the day. The Integra is not a world-beater but I think most people in most driving situations would not feel particularly power limited even if we all like to sometimes feel sucked into our seats.

Feel finish: When looking at images of the Civic and Integra my initial reaction was “this looks too similar” but once you’re inside the Integra definitely feels more polished / higher finish.

Drive modes: This really surprised me I switched from Sport to Comfort while driving and it was like the damn steering wheel shook my hand! I didn’t feel a huge difference in the suspension, but the handling was noticeably impacted. I’d likely never drive it in Comfort mode.

Cornering: Another big difference in my experience in that the Integra has very noticeably less roll than my Accord. Not surprising and probably just the difference in quality in the vehicles but worth noting.

Cabin Space: Width and legroom felt very similar to my Accord but the lower roof (and resulting lower volume) did make it feel like a smaller car. Not necessarily a bad thing but while I was fine in the back seat and it wasn’t exactly cramped, someone over 6’ (I’m 5’8”) might find it a little claustrophobic.

Cargo Space: The lift gate is fantastic, and it will definitely be useful, but I will note that he trunk is actually quite narrower than my Accord despite clearly having more volume. I was a competitive archer growing up and developed what I call “the bow case test” as in “can it carry my bow case?” I’m pretty sure I’d have to drop the rear seats to fit my bow case. Not a deal breaker but I think needing the depth / use of the rear seats for utility is worth noting.

Edit: Visibility: When I have sat in the Civic / and now Integra I was struck by how much smaller the rear window was and how it had less visibility compared to my Accord. And it annoyed me. What's interesting here is I only thought to take a look AFTER I had test driven it and practically while driving it around I felt no such problems. So while it looks and does have less rear visibility I don't think it has any real impact on the driving experience.

My plan is to wait and see about a Type-S since my Accord still has plenty of life left (105k miles and a brand new clutch). But if there is no Integra Type-S Manual I’ll probably buy this."
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