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So according to this picture there is a 2-Door Sportback model along with the 4-Door Sportback model...
Which is reminiscence of the 1986-89 Acura Integra which both were liftbacks

What do you guys think...Im here for them both....
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My money would bet hard on this being fake, that two door does not exist without an equivalent civic, as already stated by various Acura reps. The trims are a better guess as that follows pretty closely with the rest of the Acura line but there is still a problem. Ventilated seats, nothing on the civic platform has them, including the CR-V which is a big miss for that segment. That's at least plausibly fixable but there's not enough evidence that the necessary engineering work fot the two door even exists for a new bodystyle in 2023. View attachment 240
Have some faith man :)...ok so I've seen this same picture that I've posted in many other places some from regular people and others where journalist. Then there is also those spy pictures of that 2 door camouflaged automobile that has been seen on website pictures which is an Acura. I always say never say never because as we know it Honda/Acura they are very tricky and a bit secretive about things...they might just bust out with that 2 door liftback. As for the ventilated seats the only Hondas that I know have them is the Accord, Odyssey, Passport, and Pilot, which are past the 35k amount, unlike the CR-V.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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