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Accessories Installation from AHC

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Doesn’t cover literally every single accessory you can get, but it sure does cover a lot of them. Because the rollout is taking some time and some folks are still waiting for their Integras to make it to the dealership, I wonder if anyone will be able to order their own accessories and attempt their own installations once they’re finally able to take delivery of their car.

Pretty confident I can handle the all-season floormat installation guys! I’m basically a mechanic at this point. 🔧

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I just saw this video for the first time on YouTube a couple hours ago after I got my Integra yesterday. I was unaware the badges would be so easy. I can get the black aspec badges for $180 and put them on myself or the dealer wants $300 for the badges and install. Sheesh, $120 to peel off some stickers and apply new ones? Trunk tray is $50 more from the dealer, front and rear black emblems cost $60 a pop and dealer wants $140 for the back and $180 for the front for parts and install.

The only thing I may have the dealer do is the side underbody spoiler. Would save almost $500 to do it myself but I don’t really feel comfortable drilling holes into my brand new car myself.

I love the matte black rims but for $3100 for rims, new tires, and install I think I’ll just stick with the gray and maybe when I need new tires I’ll go for the 19’s or stick with 18’s and just get some non-OEM rims like the Mugen set they put on.
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