See what an Acura engineer had to say about leaked 2023+ Integra sedan specs, including the Honda-derived CVT transmission that many dread. "Hello, Acura engineer here.

A lot of the complaints I’ve heard on this sub are well founded. The car is very much Civic based. The CVT and engine are tuned versions of the Honda relative. The suspension is also tuned, and a few other items are “luxury-type” items in the interior. Mass market appeal is harder than you think, and to keep enthusiasts happy, there are some quirks. I will not speak to exterior items as I’m mostly chassis-based, but understand model years and manufacturing sites often drive the color choices. The RDX is not even made where the Integra will be made. Completely different sites.

There may or may not be another variant coming. This is where the car will separate itself from the rest of the lineup. There are lots of valid complaints, but please withhold final judgement until 1) all the specs are confirmed, and 2) you test drive one.

I URGE you to test drive one when they become available."

"I don’t think sales will suffer from the CVT. I think the opposite is true. Mass market appeal with a higher MPG. The 6MT is for the enthusiasts (aka 75% of this sub imo). There is bias both here and in the auto journalism side of things towards the gear-headed options. I get why there is bias, and I get why CVT scares most of us, but let’s not act like this sub speaks for the general public.

If the 6MT sells like hot cakes, production can be adjusted. They’re all built on the same assembly line"