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Anyone know if i can put my stock 2017 NSX wheels on my 2023 Integra?

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As the title says, I have a set of 19/20 wheels I want to slap on the integra, they are painted gold with a blacked out Acura logo, I think it will look sick, and they are forged. Just not sure if the staggerd sizing is a deal breaker on the integra, I also have the spacers for them too.
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unless if the spacers you have are adapters, it wont fit. lol. Integra is 5x114 and new NSX is 5x120. Unless you plan on re-drilling the wheels. But at that point I think thats just more money spent than its really worth.
The new NSX is 5x114.3
O. Then idk. Lol. I just quickly Googled it and it said x120.

But if it does fit. You can always run them in reverse stagger like a lot of the track guys do that drive FF cars. But just be warned that does induce more oversteer on the car.
..or run them normal stagger and have understeer. Up to your preference.
There isn’t any voodoo to fitting wheels, it is all about the measurements. First thing to check is the bolt pattern and you’ve done that apparently. Then comes width and offset. I have to think the rear wheels are much wider and wont fit without looking terrible or contacting something on the car. If you already have them why don’t you try them and let us know how it goes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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