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Attn: Integra Mountain Bikers - Hiplok RideShield

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Although I have a Saris hitch rack for our MDX, I needed to be able to haul my bike in the Integra for the occasional lunch ride. I found this cargo protector from Hiplok a while ago, but my work schedule just recently changed to working from home two days a week. This opened up my riding flexibility so I pulled the trigger. I've only used it once so far, but I'm blown away by the quality and functionality and it gives me the peace of mind to know that my interior is protected.

Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

The bottom cover has elastic straps that loop over the front headreasts. The part that flips out to cover the bumper has a pocket all the way across for helmet, shoes, gloves, etc.

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The cover includes movable side protectors. I repositioned them since I took this picture to go over the sub.

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There is a seperate top cover that also attaches to the front headreasts. It completely covers the bike and has a large pocket for your front wheel.

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When not in use, I remove the top cover and store it in the side compartment of the hatch. The bottom cover folds in half and makes a very nice cargo cover. There is velcro along both sides to keep everything in place.
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