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Best 3G Integra Color for Resale?

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I have a '94 Integra Coupe in Frost White. I plan on doing a 98-01 conversion and repainting the whole car. When my '23 Integra comes in, I know I won't keep my '94 for long. That being said, I'm trying to decide what the best color would be for resale. If you were in the market for a '94 Integra, what color do you wish it would be?

Acura INTEGRA Touchup Paint Codes, Image Galleries, Brochure and TV Commercial Archives for color references.
For me I think milano red or paradise blue-green would catch my attention first. Thunder gray could be an interesting way to go since the color was only available in 1994.

Which one are you leaning towards?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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