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Bolt Pattern/PCD on 18in tires; trying to install Rimgard

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Hi there - I'm trying to install Rimgard as an extra protective measure to support my wheel locks on my wheels (which were already stolen once....only a month after I got my Integra).

I have the 18" tires that comes standard with the 6-speed manual. I have been trying to locate the bolt pattern/PCD but have had no luck. Based on something else I saw somewhere that mentioned a bolt pattern of 5x114.3, I ordered a set of Rimgard. However, I'm not having luck getting those to fit. After an attempt at getting a rough measurement on my end, I'm wondering if the wheel is actually 5x120.

Acura Parts does not have this information, and I'm trying to see if Rimgard even makes a set for 5x120. Anyone have any additional details on bolt pattern/PCD for the 18" you can share?
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I have been researching this to buy a spare tire. I figure since the integra is built on the civic platform, the tire and rim and bolt pattern would be the same. this site:
says the civic touring and type R have that 5x114.3. They also come with the same tire size, as the A-spec. It would seem unlikely that honda would create a special bolt pattern for the Integra.
Everything I've read says its 5x114.3. I bought a spare based on that info, but haven't had a chance to mount it to check for sure...
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