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Brake System & Parking Sensor Errors

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I am starting this thread to document the issues I experienced regarding the brake system and parking sensors.

On 11/21, when backing into my driveway, my car threw 3 errors along with a "brake system" warning light at 1601 miles. Pics of the errors are attached.

The next time I started the car, the errors were gone. About 1/4 mile from my house, while sitting at a stop light, the errors popped up again. At this point I called the dealer and scheduled an appointment for 11/25.

The errors did not occur at all 11/26 nor in my morning commute 11/27. At about 1:00pm 11/27, the errors reappeared. This time, power cycling the car no longer cleared the errors.

I showed up for my scheduled appointment with 1694 miles on the car to my closest dealer. I left the car running with the active warnings and errors to ensure they could see my complaint in its active state. They tried to get me a loaner and send me on my way immediately. I opted to wait 1 hour to see if this was something simple like a software update. I noted the odd behavior I sometimes have with the infotainment system to the service advisor as well citing I believe there is a software issue with the car. (Sometimes will not boot up when the car is started, taking 5-10 minutes before powering on & connectivity issues with Android auto forcing me to factory reset the unit.)

1 hour passed and the service advisor informed me the car was showing that the automatic emergency braking/parking system was not initialized. They tried to initialize the system and the car was not taking their inputs. Essentially the module was bricked.

I waited another 15 minutes because I truly do not want to drive a loaner and would prefer to drive the car I bought. Now, both service advisors that were on staff come to talk to me together stating that there is nothing they can do at the dealership and they need to contact the Acura (Honda?) Engineers to move forward. They also informed me that there were no available engineers until Monday 11/28 due to the holiday weekend.

After this, I got sent home in a 2022 RDX A-Spec loaner. I will update this thread once more information is available to me on what has failed. Hopefully this will help somebody else when this issue affects another car.

Ps. It appears my attachments did not work properly. I will continue trying


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Oof, sorry to hear this happened. Thanks for documenting it here.
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Quoted from my more in depth thread over on integra forum:

Dealer communication leaves some customer service to be desired, but what else is new?

I called the dealer 4 times throughout the day and finally got a person at about 4pm.

Engineering first suggested replacing the brake control module. This was done and did not fix the issue. Now they are tracing wiring (again, they did this on Friday they said) at the direction of engineering. They stated I should receive a call tomorrow with an update. (I will be calling again tomorrow.)

RDX update:
I find myself hating it less day by day. The soul crushing monotony of the drive seems to be fading.

Actually had to dig into the throttle to merge today and on boost its got some go to it.

This thing has a boost gauge (sort of) it shows a little sphere next to the word "TURBO" in "Sport mode gauge." It shows purple for vacuum and red for boost. Not really a boost gauge but it is better than the nothing they put in the Integra
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I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I also thank you for making this thread since a lot of us will also learn from your experience.
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Due to the thread gaining traction at integraforums I posted the play by play over there. Brake System & Parking Sensor Errors

TL;DR: Acura has no idea what is going on with my car, we are on week 2 now and the dealershit it is at has exhausted my patience.
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