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Cargo cover help

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I feel like an idiot asking, how does the top release on the cargo cover. I don't want to force/break it...

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Following as I haven't attempted this yet (though I've popped out the two little clips on one occasion so stuff in the back could fit). This might be one of my few genuine annoyances with the Integra -- not sure if there's anywhere to put the damn thing or if it can be folded up if needed.
You just push the frame up out of the clips on the little arms that hang down. Once it’s free from those clips you can slide it away from the bottom.
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Releasing and unlocking the clips is the easy part. The bottom of the cargo cover uses a "bayonet" style anchor at each corner. Simply slide the cover forward and the anchors will slide out. It is a snug fit, so you'll need to use a little bit of patience when working the cover out. Putting it back in is a bit easier.
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