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I was driving home last night and noticed that the row of climate buttons (recirculate, defrost, mode, etc.) below the knobs weren't backlit. Tried stopping and restarting the car, and turning the headlights off and back on, with no success at getting those buttons to light up. They did their intended functions just fine, but weren't backlit.

Figured I'd check the 11G Civic forums and, sure enough, it's a pretty common issue. Fuse 37 in the under-hood box (back-up, 30 amp) wasn't installed during pre-delivery in the Civics that had the same problem, and installing that fuse fixed it in just about all of the cases, so I took one of the spare 30A fuses and installed it in the #37 slot. I'm thinking that should fix it!

Just figured I'd share in case anyone else notices that same issue.
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