Watch the 2022 Civic Si and new Acura Integra go head to head!

"The new Acura Integra and the Honda Civic Si face off in our latest video in our U-Drags series. In this video, Lauren McCay from Edmunds heads out to the track for a day of drag racing as the 2023 Acura Integra hatchback takes on the 2022 Honda Civic Si sedan. Can the new Integra beat the Civic Si off the line? Which one has more horsepower and a better 0-60 time? Lauren is here to answer these questions and more in this battle of hatchback versus sedan. This is the Acura Integra vs. Honda Civic Si drag race.

What is a U-Drag race? A U-Drag race consists of both cars heading down the track like a standard drag race, then braking hard, flipping around and then heading back."