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ELS Audio Music Recommendations?

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I drove the Integra last weekend and really enjoyed it! One thing that stood out was the audio on the Tech Package - I blasted Seashore by the Regrettes and looked at my salesperson in awe. I’ve never heard anything of better quality.

What music do you think really shows off the system? Looking for some songs to put on a playlist as I hopefully pick up my Teg this week.
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I have already started making playlists. Many different genres, and I’m stoked to hear all of it — from the nuances of classical and jazz to the aggressiveness of hardcore and trunk-rattling trap. “Lossless” Apple Music via CarPlay is probably going to be my default; I don’t have higher quality audiophile formats handy, though despite my love of music, I admit I cannot always discern the subtle differences. (Significant tinnitus also does not help.)
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One note about quality though, if you care about lossless. Wireless CarPlay doesn’t support lossless audio. So to get lossless audio from an iPhone (TIDAL, Apple Music, etc) , connect via USB. Not sure about android. And if you don’t care, don’t worry about it. Enjoy the car!
This is really good to know. I've been using wireless CarPlay via a Grom VLine2 in my Lexus; it sounds pretty good via the higher end Mark Levinson system, but it's also 15 years old, and I'm sure some of the speakers aren't at 100% at this point. Will keep this in mind though when I take home the Integra, as I may very well connect my phone via USB if I can really tell the difference.

Gun to my head I’d probably load up Abbey Road or one of the other 50th anniversary Beatles remasters.
Oooooh -- stereo or mono remasters? 🎶🪲🪲🪲🪲🎶

In an effort to get my wife more on board during the test drive, I let her pick the song for the sound test. She chose Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road," because of course she did. As much as that song irritates me, I gotta admit... it sounded pretty damn good. 😂
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Which Lexus? I used a Garlin device in our LC500 to have wireless CP. Hooked up everytime I started the car and the phone was nearby. That Mark Levinson was good. Very digital of course in that machine.
It's a 2007 GX470. I ended up getting the GROM VLine2 unit and installing it myself; it sits in the glovebox compartment where it replaces the factory CD changer. It allows for CarPlay functionality while preserving the factory climate control, nav, etc.

It's certainly an improvement for me and it's not bad, but it's not 100% perfect or bug-free. I also was lazy about wiring up the microphone, so I'm effectively unable to make or receive phone calls while driving. Having said that, one of the reasons folks seek out the base/non-nav GX is because it's far easier to swap in an aftermarket system -- you have way more options. (Also, pulling apart that center stack in the dash was a nightmare. I struggled mightily to get the faux-wood trim pieces out. But it ended up working pretty well.)

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In the plus column, however, the factory cassette deck is still fully functional! :D
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