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Hi folks! Pretty stoked on the new Integra, and I've put down a deposit -- this will be my first new car after 20+ years behind the wheel of used vehicles of varying quality. My only Honda ownership experience has been with a manual GD3 Fit that was admittedly a beater but an absolute HOOT to drive. Put some sticky tires on it and enjoyed scooting around town for a few glorious months.

Current ride is a GX470, and while I still love it, I don't do enough "truck stuff" to justify it. I figure if I'm going to be staying on the pavement, having an engaging daily driver is going to be the way to go. Additionally, the interior amenities in the new Integra seem like they are going to be really nice, which is kind of important after a couple of years being spoiled by the fairly posh interior in the Lexus. (Even though it's a 15-year-old truck, it's still the comfiest and most nicely-equipped cabin I've personally had. Hard to give up those heated seats, I can't lie.) I've also been driving a lot more as of late, so as I'm sure you can imagine, I'm pretty keen on driving something that is considerably less thirsty at the pump.

Internet cross-shopping a few other cars, but thus far, the Integra seems like it ticks all the boxes.

Excited to learn more and hopefully get some tips on navigating my first dealership purchase. This place seems like a pretty good resource. Cheers!

P.S. Forgot to mention, I do own one other Honda -- a 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot!
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Welcome to the forum @houndrunner! Which Integra are you reserving and which other cars are you looking at?

Those 80s bikes are really cool and a lot of fun. How long did you have your FT500 for?
Thank you! Reserved an A-Spec 6MT, carbon over red. The other competitors I was considering all have their pros and cons:
  • Civic Si: significantly less money, but less full-featured. (If Canadian-spec was available, that might be the winner for me, but alas.)
  • Elantra N: Seems incredibly fun, certainly faster, though the loudness factor (both literally and visually) could be both a gift and a curse. Would like to check one out in person, though from a distance, the interior seems a bit cheap and it might not be as livable as the Integra, if I'm being honest with myself.
  • Corolla GR: Seems incredible, but I cannot imagine that this will be a) within the $35K range, or b) available at that price given production numbers and dealer markups, even if the MSRP is within reach.
I'd really like a manual transmission, so a lot of the entry-level luxury competitors in the segment are off the table. On the sportier side of things, not really into the WRX, GTI, or GLI. I know they all have their merits (though I think the infotainment on all of them would drive me insane haha).

I've only had the FT500 for a little under a year, and sadly it's been in the shop for the vast majority of that time. Hopefully I'll get my hands back on it in the near future so I can get out and ride! (I guess it sort of serves me right for buying an older bike with difficult-to-obtain parts.)
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Welcome @houndrunner! I'm much in the same boat--moving over for a more robust daily driver from a Tacoma (though a pretty new one).
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