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Has anyone had to deal with Acuras corporate office/warranty? My new cars a mess PICs inside

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I purchased a new Acura Integra a few days ago. I took the car to my auto body guy to get it ceramic coated. The auto body guy called me yesterday and told me there was a problem and I need to see it. When I got to the shop and looked at the car under the lights, I was shocked. There were little imperfections everywhere. They looked like millions of little divots/bubbles. They were everywhere, in the paint, on the hood, the roof, the headlights, spoiler, side doors and even in the windshield and rear window area. My body guy seems to think something fell on the car....maybe in transport. It wasn't visible in the sun, but shows up well under the detilers lights, and it can not be coated due to the issues.

I contacted the dealer and took the car down. The guy in charge was rude, and things got heated. He told me he would need to contact the corporate office, the regional manager, and set up an appointment with their body shop. I told him I already took time out of work, could I leave the car there so they can check it out when they can. I also don't want to drive it, and have them try to blame me. He said "its YOUR car, I am not taking responsibility for it" "This is something you have to take up with corporate, it's not a dealer issue". I asked who I can contact at corporate....and was told they will contact me. So I called Acuras customer service line and they told me, i have to go through the dealer.....yeah this isn't going to end well.

Needless to say i am beyond furious. I can't believe Acura would allow a car to be sold like this, and then be so rude about it. I'm not sure what to do next, and I wonder if Acuras corporate division is as terrible as their dealers. I have a feeling I'm going to get screwed here. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

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I would expect it to work just like any other warranty claim, make an appointment for the warranty issue and drop the car for the appointment. You could fall back to you both missed these issues initially, but the warranty, as well as Acura Client Relations (ACR), are clear that it needs to be worked through the dealership first, then if you're not satisified ACR, and then if still not satisfied NCDS.

I saw your post in another discussion and responded, but copying that response here.

Check your warranty documentation.

Looking at my old 2018 TLX warranty under "This New Vehicle Limited Warranty Does Not Cover:" there's a bullet which states, "Any item concerning your vehicle's general appearance that is not due to a defect in material or workmanship. Cosmetic flaws or minor damage to the body, paint, or other items may occur during manufacture or shipping of your vehicle. If you find any uncorrected flaws or damage, notify the dealer as soon as possible after delivery."

If your warranty book has that or something similar you may want to remind your dealer of it and make sure Acura Client Relations is made aware of how it was handled by the dealer. Another thing I happened upon in my warranty book was that if you disagree with Acura Client Relations you can request a case review from the National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS).
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