Here's a good read on how Acura is rebuilding its Integra brand.
The automaker, which discontinued the Integra in the U.S. in 2001, has tapped Vince Staples to bring back the model and target younger buyers

As Acura brings back its Integra after a two-decade absence, the automaker is trying to appeal to younger buyers via hip hop and NFT marketing. But Honda-owned Acura is deliberately keeping the coupe as a gas-powered model—at least for now—as a way to keep Integra’s older fans loyal.

An internal combustion engine is “core to what Integra always has been,” said Acura spokesperson Andrew Quillin. “We certainly could have brought Integra back as an EV, but that would’ve been a tougher pill to swallow for those that have a lot of nostalgia for Integra,” he added. He declined to comment on whether the Integra would come in an EV model in future years, but said that “certainly if this car does really well, that’s something we’ll look at.”

He also framed the move as keeping the car more affordable for first-time car buyers—it is priced at a little below $32,000— and more accessible for people in areas with fewer available charging stations.

Acura stopped making the Integra in the U.S. in 2001 when it cited declining demand for coupe cars but is bringing the coupe model back as part of its strategy to target first-time buyers and differentiate itself from SUV-focused competitors, according to Quillin.

Acura is working with rapper Vince Staples on a campaign called “Your Turn” from the brand’s agency of record MullenLowe. The campaign features three spots, each named after a song from Staples’ album “Ramona Park Broke My Heart.” The album was released in 2022 and the songs are called “Magic,” “Lemonade” and “Slide.”

The Magic ad shows Staples posing around a levitating Integra as his song plays in the background.

The campaign will run from June 2 to Aug. 14 and is part of the brand’s broader strategy to reach younger and multicultural audiences. Acura ran a campaign that used anime in January to market its Type S performance cars in a series that also featured the Integra, and has plans to release future campaigns targeting Latinx and Asian consumers.

The new ads will debut on TV during ABC’s coverage of the NBA Finals, which Acura’s Senior Manager of Marketing Meliza Humphrey said provided the “right audience” of sports fans and large numbers of people. The media buy also includes digital and social channels, in-cinema ads and streaming platforms.

This is the brand’s first time working with Staples, who grew up in Long Beach, which is also where the Acura Grand Prix auto race is held.
Acura saw a 33.3% drop in U.S. sales from April 2021 to this April, according to Automotive News, with Honda citing supply constraints, which have plagued the broader auto industry.

In the lead-up to the “Your Turn” campaign, Acura ran presale marketing starting March 10 to capitalize on the excitement around the returning model. It included coming out with NFTs for the first 500 customers to reserve the Integra. Acura also launched its first presence on a metaverse platform and created a virtual dealership in Decentraland.

The NFTs were made by visual artist Andreas Wannerstedt and when deliveries of the car begin on June 2, customers who received the NFTs will be able to exchange them for another NFT by Wannerstedt at no cost–this will be a drawing of the 2023 Integra that is unique for each person. More than 400 of the 500 NFTs have been claimed as of June 1.