Hot Cars has an article out that gives a brief comparison of how the Integra compares to the Honda Civic Si and Subaru WRX

The Performance Figures Of The Acura Integra And Its Rivals

The 2022 Acura Integra's main competitors are the Honda Civic Si and Subaru WRX, which are both popular premium sports car models. It is most important to weigh up their performance figures, as at the end of the day most consumers of sports cars are in the market for high-performance rides.

The 2022 Acura Integra from Honda features a new engine, a VTEC Turbo. This new engine could mean that the excitement for the Acura could be greater than the Civic Si and Subaru, as new mechanics means new things to try out. Nonetheless, this 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine can make 276-hp at 8,600 rpm.

However, the platform of the Integra could be the same as the Civic. If it does ride on the same platform as the latest generation Honda Civic, which is currently sold as a sedan, then it could make the two models even greater rivals.

In comparison, the Honda Civic Si can offer 200-hp, which is five less than its previous model. Likewise, the Subaru WRX is behind in power too, with a top horsepower of 271. Although the Subaru is only marginally behind the Acura's power, it still doesn't match up.

Therefore, when it comes to performance figures, the Acura Integra wins the race. This could all be thanks to its new engine, which could truly help sell this model and manage to exceed the sales of its rivals.

The Retail Price Of The Integra

Another huge thing to look out for when buying a car is its price. Whether you can or cannot afford an expensive car, nobody wants to pay for a car that doesn't justify the value. Hence, price comparison is a huge fight in the world of automotive rivalries.

The 2022 Acura Integra does not yet have confirmation of a price. Yet, the market expects the base prices to hover around $28,000 to about $35,000.

To compare, the Honda Civic Si sells for a price range of $27,300 to $27,500. The Subaru WRX looks to way exceed the price range of both Honda's, with the base model retailing for $40,990.

Although Integra's pricing strategy is not yet official, it still sells for considerably less than the Subaru. Hence, it makes for a pretty reasonable price sports car.

Nonetheless, the Civic Si does win this one as it offers the lowest price point of them all. It is only a marginal difference, should the Integra sells for $28,000. But, there is still a slight difference, which wins the Civic Si the title for the most affordable out of the rivalry.

Which Is Best?

When it comes down to weighing up which car deserves the first place title in this rivalry, it is fair to say that the Acura Integra takes the lead. Although it isn't the cheapest, it does offer the best performance and an all-new engine, which justifies its slightly higher price than the Civic Si.

Subaru almost joins second-place in the performance race. But, the price is way above the Honda's league, which makes it a lot less accessible.

Honda's 2022 Civic Si puts up a fair fight in terms of pricing and aside from the rivalry, its price point is pretty impressive. For a car that can offer medium performance and therefore, satisfy many sports car fans, it isn't an expensive car in the slightest.

However, the 2022 Acura Integra does grab the lead for an all-around fair rivalry. It offers performance, is considerably affordable, and features new mechanics. The ride features the manufacturer's first-ever VTEC Turbo engine, which is still yet to test and report back on. However, it could be a huge step forward when customers get their hands on the new Integra.

Should the VTEC engine satisfy, then it might help the manufacturer sell many more models than the likes of its rivals (even its own Civic Si model).

Overall, it is a great rivalry to consider when you are buying your future sports car. They are all impressive rides and all offer great performance figures. Yet, the 2022 Acura Integra looks to win the race if you are looking for the most powerful, and still affordable, sports car.