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Been on Acurazine for a while, but the Integra subforum over there is a ghost town, so here I am.

Back in July, my local dealership wanted $20K over sticker for an Integra. I have no idea whether or not they actually sold it, but they (among others) have been getting flooded with Integras that even out here in California they've stopped marking them up. I had said previously I would buy the car at sticker and not a penny more, and now that I could, I did (from a different dealership, mind you; I wasn't going to give my business to those greedy gougers even if it means driving an hour farther out). Had a really hard time choose between Red on Black or Blue on White. Both look amazing, but ended up choosing blue because the two red ones had some more fit and finish and panel gap issues (Acura QC is...not great).

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