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Wondering if anyone here has compared these two -- as someone who wants some creature comforts to go with an engaging manual gearbox, it sounds like could be a great buy.

Accord Sport 2.0T cons:
  • Used instead of new, of course
  • Less upscale stereo
  • No LSD
  • Bigger than the Integra
Accord Sport 2.0T pros:
  • Engine provides a serious bump in power
  • A lot of similar amenities at a lower price
  • Sleeper appeal
  • Bigger than the Integra
I realize that the gearbox and handling may not be quite as snappy as the Integra, given the Civic Si underpinnings, but I'm curious as someone who's looking into an engaging family hauler. (And if you aren't married to a manual, you can still get a new Accord Sport 2.0T with 252hp and a 10-speed auto for about $3k less than the top-trim Teggy (based on MSRP).

As an owner of '18 Accord 2.0T Manual, love the car. It's such a unicorn. Yeah the stock shifter setup is no worse than a standard Civic manual. Just added a short shift and new bushings cleaned it up tremendously. It's not going to be SI/TypeR level but it fixes it. Otherwise everything else is still stock, but still planning adding power.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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