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Is an Acura ILX really competition?

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We all know the Integra replaced the ILX in the Acura lineup, and it is a reasonable successor, being based on the latest Honda platform. But much of the excitement for the Integra revolves around dumping the boring three letter name, and resurrecting the incredibly popular Integra name, and all the expectations it brings.
This week, I drove a 2022 ILX as a loaner while my dealer was installing accessories. (Pics coming soon) This is my analysis between them, understanding that almost nobody here is deciding whether they should buy a new 2022 ILX, or a new 2023 Integra. But some folks may be deciding whether they want to trade their existing ILX for the Integra or something else.
I liked the ILX. I had a Red A-Spec with black interior and it was sharp. The upholstery looked great. The sound system was good. The 2.4 had a nice sound on the few times I wound it up. I liked the smooth shifting action of the DCT.
But...the interior was bland. Lots of matte black plastic. The car was a bit smaller than the Integra. The seats were comfortable with slightly more aggressive side bolsters.
And...the drivetrain was unsatisfying. The DCT kept revs between 1500-1900 for fuel economy (the gauge red 27 mpg vs my Integra reading 32) and it felt like there was a lag when I stepped on the gas. Maybe it was hesitant to downshift. The car felt much slower than the Integra. But again, I certainly didn't wring it out.
Handling was just fine, it's a good small car. But I noticed a big change when I got my car back.
Subjectively, the Integra is a massively better choice for me than the ILX. Respect to current ILX owners, I'll bet there are many things you can do to make it more fun and engaging. Things that I personally wouldn't do with a loaner. And I was happy to have it while the dealer had my car. If you're thinking of replacing yours, check out the Integra. If you're like me, you will like it a lot. But if you love yours, you may not be too pleased with some of the changes in the Integra.

TL : DR ILX to Integra transition is much more than a minor update based on the new 11th Gen Civic platform.
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comparing the DCT to the CVT or MT
The loaner was DCT and I liked it. Other DCTs have been jerky, and I didn't feel that here. Although I did have lag in low speed acceleration, which gave the car a 'lazy' feel. My new car has 6MT, I should have made that clear.
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That's a head turner!
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