While Cammisa acknowledges the 2023+ Acura Integra is a great car, he says it's a bad product because it makes him want to test a Civic Si "because it’s (finally) great-looking, and it’s $8k cheaper."

http://instagr.am/p/CgyUMwiuuUm/ Verdict Acura Integra: great car; bad product.

This one is annoying, because tested in a vacuum, the Integra is genuinely great.

It’s not, despite the horrible launch photos, ugly. In fact, it’s mostly handsome, especially in this color combo.

The shifter and clutch are literal perfection, and the 1.5 is a charmer here. No rev hang, immediate blippy responses.

Good boost control and supershort gear ratios (52 in 2nd!) mean it feels way quicker than its 200 hp.

Absolutely superb suspension tuning in both modes (I can’t tell them apart, so why have adaptive dampers?) Mediocre grip from all-seasons.

Brilliant LSD. Can’t turn off ESC fully but it does burnouts no prob. (See post from 6/10.)

Brakes feel great; fade easily.

Great seating position, high-quality interior: love those metal vents. Rear seat lacks headroom, but at least it’s got hatchback cargo space.

And a genuinely holyfuck-great ELS sound system

Now the problem: more than anything this car made me want to test a Civic Si. Because it’s (finally) great-looking, and it’s $8k cheaper.

A halo shouldn’t make me want to drive the base car, it should be the other way around!

My theory: The base CVT model is $5k less because that’s how Honda could make an automatic “Civic Si” without tarnishing the Si brand. And to create distance from Si to Integra, they bumped this one’s price up.

…which just tarnishes the Integra name. A bad move for a halo product.

A small price bump is okay for a “premium” product but it needs substance greater than “nicer interior materials” and a badge. This would have worked last-gen when the Civic was boy-racer. It’s not good enough now.

Integra should start where Civic Si leaves off: with the CTR 2.0-liter.

I hate to type any of this because taken out of context, the New Teggy is actually a brilliant car to drive. And spend time in.

In other words, it’s a fantastic car. You’d love it.

Next #CammisaVerdict — Honda Civic Si. Some surprises, there.
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