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Just purchased a 6MT Integra, Liquid Carbon / Red interior

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Hello, my name is Lexi and I just grabbed my first ever brand new Acura. I've had an Acura before, but not like this. I'm over the moon!

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I got it from the Acura dealership in Tukwila. They have a huge inventory of Integras at this point. On the day I went, they had FOUR with manual transmissions, and dozens with CVTs.

I traded in a 2022 Civic Si for it, because I needed something that was more bearable on the highway. What an excellent deal, too, I paid $40,000 out the door for this after taxes and everything. The dealership was over-the-top professional and even gave me some free goodies, as well as including basically everything in the protection package for me. I'm definitely a happy camper so far, this carries more cargo and is far more comfortable than the Civic Si. The ELS sound system blows the Bose system out of the water.

My only gripes are the lack of real leather for the seats, the terrible quality stock floor mats (which I don't have to deal with, yay!) and the lack of ventilated seats. I'm really happy with this car and plan to keep it for several years at minimum.
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Congrats and welcome. Very nice car. You're right about the mats (and the stock mats in most new cars). We got the ASpec optional mats (not the all-weathers) and they're a very nice upgrade to the interior.
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I definitely like that color combo the most! Plus I’ve heard it stays looking the cleanest compared to the other colors. Enjoy!
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