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I was very excited this weekend as my Liquid Carbon over Red A-Spec Tech arrived and got to see and drive it in person! It came in on Saturday but didn't have the paperwork needed to title it so I had to wait until yesterday to go finalize everything. In the sunny weather over the weekend it looked great, but yesterday I noticed a problem.

After inspecting the car indoors on an overcast day I could tell that the paint wasn't quite right. Upon closer inspection I realized it was that the paint is mottled - the metallic flake in the paint tends to spread unevenly when sprayed too wet or too close to the surface. This gives it a blotchy appearance that is not uncommon for spraying metallic paints, but it is not of a level of quality I would have expected from Acura. See this Thread with pictures for this problem on a Ridgeline, I didn't get any good ones of my car.

This car, VIN 19xx has it, and the dealer's demo car VIN 04xx also has it, so it is not an isolated group of a couple of cars. I could not pull the trigger on this car, it would have bothered me forever.

I am the first to admit that I am very picky when it comes to paint. This is my very first new car purchase so I had to make sure everything was just right and this car just isn't. I'm sure many will never notice, especially in nice sunny places where the metallic in the paint really shines and you can't see this effect. I am very bummed out as I really like how the Liquid Carbon looks with the black trim and wheels.

I am bringing this to Acura's complaint department but I wanted to make sure to alert the community to this issue - if you have ordered a Liquid Carbon, make sure to inspect the car indoors or on a cloudy day.
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