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I'm sure I'm not unique, but I've been checking this site regularly since reserving my Integra on March 10th and just got around to setting up a profile yesterday. Although I'm new here, I'm no stranger to Acura.

Past (non-Acura vehicles excluded):
1989 Legend Coupe V6 5MT - Charcoal Granite
2002 RSX Type S - Desert Silver
2003 RSX Type S - Satin Silver
2005 RSX Type S - Blaze Orange
2011 TSX 4cyl 6MT - Graphite
2015 TLX 4cyl - White

2019 TLX ASpec 4cyl - Red
2022 MDX Aspec - Liquid Carbon
2023 Integra Aspec Tech 6MT - Apex Blue

Clearly I had an RSX addiction (LOVED that Blaze Orange 05). The current situation is a result of perfect timing, I guess. My daughter has her temps and with the used car market being insane, she is getting the TLX and adding the Integra to our fleet made sense. I've had it for about a week and I absolutely love it!

Historically, I haven't been a very active member of the various forums I've been a part of, but I always enjoy learning from other enthusiasts. Feel free to ask questions about my sanity or anything else if you're interested!
Congrats on the new Integra and compliments on that impressive stable of Acuras.

How would you compare the handling dynamics and overall feel of the Integra vs. your RSX's?
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