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Motor Trend posted a review of the manual Integra.


  • Versatile hatchback form factor
  • Zippy and fuel-efficient engine
  • Uniquely positioned and priced within the segment


  • Not necessarily better with the manual
  • Unimpressive at the test track
  • Can't escape comparison to the Honda Civic
The Nicer Version Of A Nice Car
Acura succeeded in creating a rival to starter cars from other luxury brands and offering a unique, practical vehicle to drivers who want something more upscale than a Honda. The Integra's pricing—slightly more than $30,000 to start and less than $40,000 in our fully loaded test car—undercuts the field by potentially many thousands of dollars to make it an undeniable value. It's luxury on the cheap that feels nowhere near cheap.

Yet even with its vaunted manual transmission, the Integra isn't the hot hatchback seemingly everyone across the internet insists it must be. That might be you. If so, accept the fact the Integra of 2023 isn't exactly like the Integras of yore. Time and progress ran their course, and Acura built a car that represents what it is now. If that's not enough, don't despair: This entry in the Integra tale is only at its beginning, paralleled promisingly by the reemergence of the Type S performance badge.
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