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New to this side of internet

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Hey folks,

tatus here! Was originally lurking and planning on joining the ranks of the 11th gen Civic HBs, but an Integra made itself available to me today! I get to go take home my black on black ‘23 A-Spec w/ Tech CVT tomorrow.

I’d recently moved from a ‘21 Corolla HB (my 1st personal purchase sold to the CarMax machine), and before that ‘21 Volvo XC40 T5 (for old job) and ‘10 Hyundai Sonata GLS (family car I learned on in 2018). My partner made the move from her ‘17 Honda CR-V to a ‘22 V6 Toyota Highlander just a few months ago and we missed having a fuel efficient small car like my Corolla - gas bills have been killer with that as our only vehicle.

I put a deposit down for a Sport Touring Civic HB back in July but its to be built next week with delivery in later Oct. Fortunately, a deal fell through at an Acura dealer I reached out to JUST 3 DAYS AGO and I was the first to get to the Teggy for MSRP. All the planning and shopping I did for the Civic and I ended up with the Integra and I’m stoked, it’s going to be a great daily commuter!

Hope to learn a bunch from the community and catch y’all on the road!
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Congrats on the Teggy! I also got it to offset two fuel inefficient rigs. Let us know when you take delivery and be sure to post a pic!
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Welcome @tatus_legarius
Congrats on the purchase. Share pics when you can!
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Took delivery first thing this morning, driven just shy of 150 miles. Feels great and the only thing I might miss is the 360 camera and ventilated seats from my partner’s Highlander, but it is leaps and bounds better than my Corolla Hatch - no real complaint, it’s everything I needed plus a lot of what I wanted!

First on the list is getting the windows tinted and maybe grabbing a set of wheel locks. I remember seeing some decent ones recommended in a previous forum, but open to suggestions (about anything else too!). Thanks for the welcome!
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Looks great! Can't wait to hear updates as you get settled with it.
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