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Passenger Speaker Rattle - Dealer Fixed

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To my fellow teggy owners, I had a pretty bad speaker rattle coming from my passenger ELS System which got worse and worse over time. Some other owners seemed to have experience the same thing and some DIY fixed it, but I brought mine to my dealership and they fixed it no charge. Apparently it's a known issue so definitely bringing it up to your dealership if you get that dreaded rattle 馃憣馃徏
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Were there certain conditions where it was more noticeable than others?
At first, it was just like a slight buzz whenever I had my volume above like 13 and my bass isn't even cranked to full. It eventually got a lot worse to a point where it was buzzing/rattling all the time. I noticed it the worst during the winter time. That said, even after the fix, I'm starting to hear a small rattle again from the same area so I'll have to get them to check it out again... sigh.
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