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Radio favorites/presets

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I think I found something I like better about the features in my wifes Mazda CX-5 than my Acura Integra ASPEC w tech pkg. In the list of radio favorites/presets on her Mazda, the list can contain stations from different bands. AM, FM, and Sirius, all in the same favorite list you can select. On my Acura Integra ASPEC with tech pkg, the favorites/presets list can only have stations in the band you are set to. If I am in the FM application, and I want to goto a favorite in AM or Sirius, I have to hit the home button and then switch to the other application and use its favorite list. Is this correct?
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For the basic presets that’s true - you only see the presets for the radio band you’re looking at. But check out Smart Shortcuts. I think you can save stations from any band there. I remember seeing it but I don’t use it.
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