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Rear Passenger Window Shades

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Surprised that Acura doesn't offer rear passenger window shades as an accessory for the Integra (at least as far as I can tell). Especially considering it's available for the new Civic (see picture below).

Anyone know if the Civic one would fit on the Integra? Having trouble figuring out if the windows/window frame are the exact same size or not. Otherwise, anyone find any third-party passenger window shades that they recommend? Been using a pretty generic static cling one from Amazon that doesn't look particularly sharp or fit very well and was hoping for something more specific to the Integra.



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Hey @MarqGE12, WeatherTech sells this shade set for the windshield and side windows (although I'm not sure if it is just for the front). Haven't found anything better or more specific to the Integra. It might just be better to get your windows tinted.
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