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In January I hired a mechanic to replace the starter on my 2000 Acura integra Ls. During the repair I said ai needed my timing belt done or at least checked since the motor was used and swapped years ago. Immediately after replacing the starter, the mechanic took the cover off the timing belt, but appeared stressed, distracted and hurried while doing so.

The mechanic had his partner with him, and when he turned the car on to test the motor, one yelled to the other immediately to STOP STOP STOP!!! APPARENTLY, the timing tensioner broke, and they were concerned that the motor would blow if the car ran.ajy longer. What followed since then it's been this: I was told the top portion of my motor at two of the four cylinders of alignment that was replaced after I had a plan valve cover replacement head cover gasket a couple other repairs on the vehicle. After all the major work was done, I was told that the car could not start or would not turn over. It was finally concluded that the block of the motor is bad. I was pressured and pressed on to whether or not I kept too much water. To antifreeze in the vehicle but it's been an exceptionally warm winter in Connecticut this year and I didn't think that mechanics both of them trying to convince me that the phone motor came from ice or something like that in the vehicle was the cause of the motor being pulled. In addition, two people I spoke to her and accurate dealership nearby said that timing tensioners really fail at startup and I personally find the timing of this tensioner family while the guy inspected the timing belt overly coincidental. So I finally confronted the mechanic reminding him of the event on the day that he replaced the starter after giving considerable thought to each of the other possibilities they gave me regarding why my motor is bad. In essence, the motor was fine it seemed to turn over I would have turned over immediately after they replaced the starter and had no problems with power anytime up to that date during any of my use prior to this event. Purposes question is to find out whether or not anybody has any experience with this personally or anybody can give an opinion as to the validity of the statement from the Acura employees at the dealership that spoke to me. Thank you very much.
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