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Took the Teggy to the Track

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I've been anticipating this day since I bought the car. My buddy's club rents out Thunderhill once a year and invites family and friends. The Integra was everything I thought it would be. I've enjoyed some twisty roads and autocross, but this was the first time to really stretch its legs. I can't say whether it's better or worse than other sport compacts. I can just say it is a driver's car, in the sense that it is happy to let you flog it as much as you want (with one exception I'll get to) and has great driving controls for proper input and feedback. I wanted a driver's car that could fit my family and was fuel efficient, so I can finally confirm it is all three.
One point to note: I replaced the factory Conti's with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires which have undoubtedly improved the car's feel and performance.
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This was my 3rd time driving at Thunderhill (Polestar 2 and Cooper S previously, and passenger in a Miata), but the first time I've experienced it in the wet. We have 3 run groups and I joined the beginner/slower group since I figured the Integra has "only" 200 hp. Being FWD with the LSD I think I had a big advantage. Most of the RWD cars were afraid of spinning out on corner exit but I could just plant my foot and go so it definitely stroked my ego chasing down Corvettes and such. This is my first car with an LSD and I love it.

The only issue I had with the car was cooking the brakes. I came in from the first 20-min session with smoke floating out from the fronts. I could tell from the smell and the pedal feel, but there is also a "BRAKE SYSTEM" light on above the fuel gauge but hadn't noticed it on track as it was hidden behind the steering wheel rim from my view. Drove around to let them cool, also the light turned off, and it was ok by the next session. Brake fade, mushy pedal, and the warning light came on every session so I just got in the habit of letting it cool for a lap or so and then getting back on it. I will upgrade the fluid before my next track day and I'm keeping an eye on what pad upgrades might be appropriate.

The slower group had a bit too much traffic in front so I had the flagman find me a gap and got a good clean run chasing this Focus RS in the wet:

There was somewhat low turnout and the intermediate group was pretty empty so I joined them for the rest of the day. This is chasing my buddy in his BRZ:
He is a faster driver than me (2% faster lap times in karting), but with these cars it was a pretty close match. He said when he was following, I'd pull away on corner exit and on the straights, and he'd catch me in the braking zones.

Anyone else gotten to do some track driving with their Integra? Thoughts?
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Anyone else gotten to do some track driving with their Integra? Thoughts?
Big thoughts! Although I have not tracked my car, I went on a ride in Malibu with a local car club. It was a 42-mile route with five Honda S2000s and me in my giant 4-door. I am a complete novice and did well keeping up with the S2000s. I know I need(wanttt) the PS4s, lighter wheels, braided brake lines and more powerful brakes all around. It was cool outside and speeds were under 35mph much of the time so that saved my brakes from overheating. I drove with moonroof open and sometimes windows open too since our speeds were in keeping with mountains and canyon switchbacks. We all had handheld radios and it was a fucking blast. Next I need to join SCCA and do autocross. 😄 yes girls love real manual cars too!
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