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Well it wasn't my plan before I drove the Integra demo on Wednesday to even consider another GTI, even though I really liked my '17 GTI Sport. I was pretty much set on the Integra or a WRX, but I saw a local dealership right next to Acura that had a couple GTIs in 6MT and figured--like the WRX, Elantra N, and others before--that I had better drive one to test everything out before making my final decision. And... I loved it so much I bought it.

I got the SE trim in Atlantic Blue Metallic with black wheels and frameless self-dimming mirror with Homelink. No leather, add-ons, or other upgrades other than splash guards (coming soon), dark tint already installed, blinking third taillight (which I don't like but was already installed, as well), and door edge and handle cup guards.

Price turned out to be a a bit less than the Integra would have been, too, which is nice but in truth it's all about the driving experience, comfort, design, hatchback, and cool features. To me, this has it all, including good gas mileage (compared to the WRX, anyway). Though the seats themselves aren't quite as comfortable as the Integra, there's no microsuede which gets so warm down here (it was 109 today!), and my knee doesn't hit the center console awkwardly as it does in the Integra. Mostly, though, it's just loads of fun to drive. I also love the digital cockpit, the choice of layouts and ambient colors. Kind of like a spaceship.

And after some time in the car I've gotten used to the admittedly not ideal, buttonless infotainment system. They really should bring back some buttons for things like fan speed and A/C mode, but the system certainly isn't as annoying as I feared it would be.

So: it's been great fun to be on this forum with ya'll, but time for me to bug out now.

And if anyone in Tucson is looking for an ASpec Tech 6MT, a liquid carbon metallic with red seats will be arriving at the end of this month at Chapman Acura. Ask for Greg Walsh. No ADM, but lots of dealer add-ons that you may or may not be able to negotiate away (or at least purchase accessories in lieu of).
I'll come back on to wish you congrats on the GTI - Really Sharp and love the color. As I said before, I definitely liked the drivetrain in the GLI (I know there is an updated version in the GTI). The VW dealers near me all have >=$1.5K ADM. Sounds like you did better - Enjoy it!
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