If you're wondering about the future of Acura, watch this video.
Introduced in the spring of 1986, Acura sprang into the American market as the first Japanese premium brand which had a three year headstart on future rivals Lexus and Infiniti. In the early days of Honda’s premium division, The Acura Legend and Integra were some of the best front wheel driving cars of their time and proved that RWD isn’t required for fun performance vehicles. As the market evolved past coupes and sedans, Acura did too. The MDX introduced in 2001 has lasted four generations, has a new Type S variant, and is still the best-selling 3-row luxury crossover of all time. The smaller RDX crossover entered in 2007, has lasted 3 generations and is the best-selling model for the brand in today’s crossover-hungry market. So what’s next for Acura? The market is going through another radical change towards electrification and so will Acura. In today’s video we’ll take a peak into the future for the Performance division of Honda to discuss all the new models and changes coming by 2025.

00:00 - Acura's come a long way, yet far more to go
01:55 - 2022
03:21 - 2023
05:24 - 2024
07:02 - Acura's EV
12:15 - 2025
14:55 - After 2025 and NSX
16:17 - Closing Thoughts