Acura might let us down with the new Integra and here you will find out why.

"Acura needs a new sedan like I need a penguin.

The brand’s current entry vehicle is the anonymous ILX compact sedan. The new Integra will fill its spot in the lineup, but to be true to the spirit of the original, it should be a dramatic looking, fun to drive and affordable small SUV — the hot spot in today’s market, the kind of vehicle people want.

A small sporty sedan, no matter how good, is a tree falling in an empty forest. Nobody will notice. A small SUV that brought new levels of style and fun to the brand would be a thunderclap.

Honestly, I expect to be disappointed in this. Acura will make the safe, obvious choice: The new Integra will be a compact car. Acura seldom misses the opportunity to miss an opportunity, a real shame to anyone who remembers the exciting original Integra and the bigger, more luxurious Legend sedan and coupe that debuted alongside it."